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CBD Box Set

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Cuddle up with all four of our warm brew coffee and teas this winter! Perfect as a gift for family and friends, or to keep for yourself (we won’t tell).

Included is one full-size bag of O.G. Cali Rise, a full-size O.G. Cali Daze, a full-size bag of Matcha’cha, and one full-size Peachy Dreams.

O.G. Cali - Rise Medium roast coffee made of single origin beans from Chiapas, Mexico, with 90 MG of active CBD per bag.
O.G. Cali Daze - A low acidity dark roast made with single origin arabica beans from Oaxaca, Mexico. Relax with 120 MG of active CBD per bag.
Matcha’cha - Finely ground green tea that is smooth, clean, and refreshing. Our Matcha is ceremonial and each bag has 200 MG of active CBD.
Peachy Dreams - Loose leaf ginger peach tea from the Nilgiri Region of India, with 130 MG of active CBD in each bag.


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