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Cali Rise

O.G. Cali Rise is a medium roast coffee that is smooth and mild, low in acidity, with cedar, butter, and nutty undertones and a floral aroma. The arabica coffee beans in Cali Rise come specifically from Chiapas, Mexico, and each bag has 90 MG of active CBD. 

We exclusively work with organic hemp. Our process allows for the particles to be broken down properly, achieving a higher absorption rate. This creates a more functional chill.

Origin: Chiapas, Mexico
Type: Arabica, Washed, Sun-dried
Cooperative: Motozintla Region
Elevation: 1100-1400 Masl
Tasting Notes: Floral Aroma, Cedar, Butter, Hints of Nut, Toast, Cream
Net Weight: 8oz (226 grams)

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